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Buzz We are sad to announce that Buzz Van Hecke, the founder and President of Investment Enhancing Systems, has passed away. For 17 years, Buzz was thrilled to help people understand investing and to create tools that helped them invest better.

We will continue to maintain subscription services until the end of 2013, but recurring subscription charges will stop immediately. At that time, the web site will be archived and will remain in its current state for the foreseeable future so that the educational resources here can continue to benefit visitors.

Thank you to everyone who has been an IES customer over the years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Good luck and profitable investing!


The Covered Call Analyzer
For investors who want to learn how to use covered calls and
make money.

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The Covered Call Analyzer is an online investing tool that finds the best covered call buy/writes (buy the stock and sell the calls) using our special algorithms to determine which calls the professional traders are buying. They probably know something you don't. These are the buy/writes you want to invest in. If you are familiar with covered calls, you may want to "Try_the_Analyzer".

There are two ways you can use the Covered Call Analyzer to make money:
   1) Subscribers can run the Analyzer at any time with their own conservative or aggressive parameters to develop covered call portfolios.
   2) Subscribers can follow two educational portfolios that demonstrate how the Coveed Call Analyzer can build profitable portfolios. We monitor these portfolios, publish results and roll in more buy/writes each month.

The Analyzer finds good buy/writes for equities and many ETFs and tells you exactly what to do. Here is a typical Analyzer output:

Buy 200 shares of HIMAX TECHNOLOGIES (HIMX) at $6.65 (closing last trade price) and sell 2 call Out-of-the-Money contracts of HIMX1321I7.5 (Sep$7.50) at$0.45 (closing bid price) expiring on 9/21/2013. Cost is $1,340, and income from sale of the calls is $77 and includes your commissions. Actual return if called at expiration is 17.7%.

Our goal is to realize a return of at least 5% each month with buy/writes found by the Covered Call Analyzer. Covered call options are considered conservative and can be used in IRA and other retirement accounts.

The first time visitor should review the How_to_Use_This_Site link and the Short_Course link if new to covered calls.

Subscribers get 30 days of free service and then the monthly charge is only $19.95. A free downloadable Covered_Call_Portfolio_Tracking_Excel_ Workbook is available to subscribers so they can monitor their covered call portfolios.

IES, Inc. mission: Provide the individual investor with investing concepts and investment tools that are easy to use, inexpensive and produce good results.

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